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three hand made cigar box guitars

Hello and welcome to my little house on the Web, you probably got here after seeing my stall at a  market somewhere, or maybe you spotted me out busking

and took a leaflet,

  so I reckon you might be interested in  getting one of my guitars,

first let me tell you a bit about them....these things are


real 3 string guitars made from old cigar boxes, often used to play blues but great for any kind of music.

They are easy to learn to play, lots of fun and really really cool.

Each Dirt Pie Cigar Box Guitar

is a unique one off hand made musical instrument.

\All the cigar boxes I use are carefully selected and must have

just the right amount of age and  patina to suit being turned into one of my guitars. I'm not in the business of making shiny new looking instruments, but if you are looking for something that looks like it's just been discovered in the back of a derelict barn, you are in the right place.

The necks are made from  Sapele, this is a sustainable hardwood from Africa,

the nuts are made from old bone dominos

and the bridges from recycled ebony piano keys.

  They  have fourteen frets and three strings tuned to an open G chord,

that's G D G,

they are all fitted with a piezo pick-up, which means you can play them as an  accoustic guitar or, if you wish, plug it into an amplifier,

this is a very simple way of electrifying the guitars and gives each guitar  its own unique sound.

 All the guitars come with a

free gunny sack, cunningly crafted from a  recycled coffee bean sack, a hillbilly guitar strap ( that'll be a piece of string then),

and some basic instructions to get you started.

Please get in touch for prices and postage rates.

a nice antique cigar box

If you would like to buy a guitar all you need to do is email me at

or message me

on facebook at


and i will send you some pictures of all the guitars i've got ready to go, you pick one, paypal me at the email address and i'll get it packed and posted...easy peasy..

razzle dazzle spasm band
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