a word or two about the guitars

None of these Dirt Pie Cigar Guitars are set loose from the workshop

until I am happy with how they play and how they look,

I'm not trying for something that looks

shiny and new looking.

But if you happen to be searching for a guitar 

that looks like it was found

  in a derelict barn 

then you are in the right place

Each Dirt Pie Cigar Box Guitar

is a unique hand made musical instrument.

 The cigar boxes I use must have

just the right amount age and patina to pass muster.

 All the necks are made from sustainable hardwoods,

the nuts are made from old bone dominos

and the bridges from recycled ebony piano keys.

  They all have fourteen frets and three strings,

they are all fitted with a piezo pick-up, giving you the option to play accoustically or through an amplifier.

I use top quality Piezo pick ups to electrify my guitars,  this gives each guitar  its own unique sound.

 All the guitars come with a

free gunny sack, hillbilly guitar strap, glass  slide

and instructions.